What is Cymbag?
Cymbag is a single individual bag protector with radial opening, which lets you manipulate the cymbal without touching it directly, to install and uninstall in the cymbal base without wearing gloves or rags and avoid finger marks, grease, dust, etc.

What Sizes does Cymbag come in? A Cymbag for each cymbal, from 6 "to 24", fit perfectly to the cymbal and do not generate much extra space in your hard case or soft bag..

How does Cymbag work?
In the following sequence of images you can look like putting a protective bag to your cymbals Cymbag:

So, to protect your cymbals using Cymbag, just take the Cymbag with both hands, place the Cymbag at the end of your cymbal and slice it to yourself, closing the radial opening; that´s it.

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